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Mount Etjo Safari Lodge is located in the heart of the Okonjati Game Reserve, one of the first private Game Reserves established in Namibia and founded by world-renowned conservationist Jan Oelofse. Home to the famous fossilized dinosaur footprints, thousands of different animal and bird species and site where the Namibian Independence Declaration was signed, this historic lodge deservedly carries the name “Etjo”, meaning place of refuge. Amazing activities make for countless opportunities to encounter the Namibian wilderness and wildlife like never before, while enjoying excuisite cuisine and luxurious accommodation. Mount Etjo Safari Lodge is and remains one of the most favourite destinations to visitors from around the world.

Mount Etjo Safari Lodge - conservation started here

World-renowned conservationist Jan Harm Oelofse, founder of the Okonjati Game Reserve and Mount Etjo Safari Lodge, is above all famous for pioneering work in the mass capture of game. "Capture versus killing", has always been his credo and lead him to develop the "Oelofse Method": the capturing of hundreds of animals with the use of a contractible plastic sheet funnel and a helicopter. The method is still widely in use today and has facilitated the movement of animals from over-populated areas to places where the same species were already extinct, empowering the trade in wild animals and contributing tremendously towards the conservation and saving of thousands of animals every year.

Jan Oelofse's spirit lingers on in the animals that roam the fields, in the earth and in the wind. He has given back more than he took. His wife Annette and son Alex carry on his legacy and his dream of protecting the fading natural world for generations to come.

Maintaining a wildlife sanctuary, however, is hard work, a great responsibility and costly. The proceeds of the eco-tourism on Mount Etjo Safari Lodge are continuously re-invested to protecting the Namibian wilderness and wildlife. By staying at Mount Etjo Safari Lodge, admiring and learning about the beauty of the pristine African wild, you, dear traveller, have actively contributed towards conservation.


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Capture to be Free - Jan Oelofse Biography

The remarkable story of Jan Oelofse's life is summarised in his book "Capture to be Free", written and compiled by his wife Annette Oelofse. The book is available in both English and German at bookstores in Windhoek and Swakopmund as well as at the lodge - signed by author Annette Oelofse.

ORDER THE BOOK BY SENDING US AN EMAIL mount.etjo@iafrica.com.na

English Book N$ 450.00
German Book N$ 700.00
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Ship to Canada U$ 100.00
Ship elsewhere U$ 115.00


Above: Jan Oelofse with John Wayne during the filming works of "Hatari!".