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An exciting opportunity to watch these magnificent big cats from up close!

The Cheetah feed allows you to get close to the fastest land animal on earth.

The Game Drives provide a unique opportunity to observe, encounter and admire the great variety of species that roam the Okonjati Game Reserve.

Saurichnium Damarense at Mount Etjo - German archeologists Dr Huene in 1925 and Dr Gürich in 1926 were the first to discover and d

A strong believe of the Oelofse family is to lay a good foundation for education and create opportunity for Namibias children.

On the private Game Drive your guide will make sure that you get an African experience not to be forgotten..

Join our experienced guides on an adventure on foot, following fresh rhino tracks and observing these majestic animals in their natural habitat. On

For keen photographers of all levels, our professional wildlife photographer will provide you with stunning settings and ample photographic opportu

The healthy ecosystem at Okonjati game reserves provides a home for hundreds of bird species.

Watch our lions during the day from an open vehicle.