Mount Etjo Photography Activity

For keen photographers of all levels, our professional wildlife photographer will provide you with stunning settings and ample photographic opportunities, sharing his passion and knowledge of wildlife and photography along the way. While absorbing the beauty of nature and with his expert technical advice, you will have the opportunity to photograph a big variety of animals, from the tallest giraffe to the smallest birds, lions, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos,  plenty of other wildlife species, such a roan and sable antelope, zebra.

Wildlife is unpredictable, the opportunities and situations change accordingly and techniques such as panning, fast exposures, shooting in low light, slow exposure shooting, mastering birds in flight, creative use of depth of field and creative compositions will be covered accordingly. Every photo tells a story – your story.

Guests will be expected to have their own gear and bring their own laptop, loaded with lightroom or photoshop to benefit from the workshop. A concise understanding of functions and settings on the camera equipment will be of an advantage, but can also be assisted with during the guided tour.

Option 1

Our ground level hide is based at a waterhole, where guests can sit quietly and photograph wildlife from ground level, from up-close angles, resulting in unique and exceptional quality photography opportunities. The Photographic hide seats three people and is a structure built to maximise the photographic potential of animal and birds that visit. The hide can be used to view wildlife in the normal manner but has been positioned with consideration of the angle of the sun, the background and the angle the viewer occupies in relation to the animals and birds. When available, a professional wildlife photographer will accompany participants to the hide. Guests may use the hides for normal game viewing purposes as well as for photography. It must however be noted that regardless of their preference, guests will always be accompanied by a guide and it has to be pre-booked when checking in.

Morning session from before sunrise until noon. The price includes a breakfast pack, coffee and tea and beverages.

Afternoon session, early afternoon until after sunset. The price includes snacks and a sundowner.

N$ 800.00 per person per session (in addition to normal game drive rates).

We offer

Personal experience wildlife photography guide, subject to availability. The guide has to be booked in advance, due to a high demand of his services.

Cars equipped with special camera mounts/tripods

Specially designed photography hides, providing the opportunity to photograph from unique angles and close proximity.

More Info about your professional guide:

All room rates include wi-fi, dinner, a full breakfast, tourism levy and VAT.


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